Advice for Future DS 106 Students

This class honestly scared me at first. All of the different social media accounts that were made and trying to learn all of the tools were a bit overwhelming but after the first few weeks it becomes second nature.

DO NOT save all of your work for Friday night. You will think that you can get it all done but its soo much easier to pace it out throughout the week. Especially for video week. Video week will kill you just a little bit but plan it out ahead of time and make sure you are using easy software.

I found the following really helpful!

IMoive,  If you have an apple product then you are set! This made it super easy to record and edit videos.

ClipGrab, This made it easy to download clips off of vimeo or youtube and access them on tablets or computers.

Audacity, This is a given but you will use this way more than  you think!

Apps! I found a lot of apps were helpful with photo editing and and design.

REMEMBER. Once you get the hang of all the programs and software the class uses this class will be so fun and you will learn so many cool skills! Also, actually keeping up with a blog and creating new projects every week gave me the motivation to keep up my own social media sites and start being more creative!

Asylum Murder Mystery

The past two weeks my group has been planning, recording, and editing a murder mystery story including all three of our host characters. We used IMovie, Movie Maker and audacity to record and add the clips together.

The hardest part for me was planning the actual story because our characters has such different stories. After a few planning meetings we got the story planned and started to work on recording videos for each scene. We incorporated different methods of story telling in the video like design, audio, video, and images.

Week 13 Summary

This week my group stared planning out our final project. Group members are Brittany Raze, Gabby Christie, and myself. We have planned a story the incorporates all three host characters and makes their stories overlap.

I am planning on representing my host character through journal entries, which would be audio and writing. We are looking into designs that would have the writing scrolling through as I read the text.

As for other parts of the video we are all taking the lead on certain types of digital storytelling and repeating that style for certain characters. We plan to use Video, Writing, Audio, and Design. A large part of our ideas came from projects in the assignment bank and mixing them to fit into the story.

While at first I was a bit nervous about doing this project, after one meeting with my group this week we got so excited to put together our ideas and mash up our character’s stories.

Week 12 Summary

This week was Mashup week and probably my favorite by far. The work load was also much lighter compared to the two weeks of video assignments. We had to do 10 stars of Mashup assignments in the bank, one which related to my host character. I did an Emoji mashup worth 4 1/2 stars for one of the projects. My favorite assignment this week was a character progression slide show, which I focused on the series Supernatural and this was worth 3 1/2 stars. My last mashup assignment was the Color of the Day project, I chose to focus on the color blue and show its impact in the day. I used IMoive for all three assignments.

I also did two Remix assignments this week. One taken from a visual assignment and the other a design assignment.

Two daily creates:

I also commented on other classmate’s assignments and provided the links below:



What Color Is Your World?

For this assignment I had to focus on a single color and document the impact it has to my day, or in this case my host character’s day. This was worth two stars in the Mashup assignment bank. I used IMoive to make the slideshow of pictures and add audio that resembled the color. The song is Black White, & Blue by Ladyhawk.


Remix Visual Assignment

I chose a Remix Assignment from the visual assignment bank. After taking a picture of the contents in my bag I needed to make the picture more pink. I edited to colors and chose to give a pink filter to the overall photo. It was worth 2 stars.

“Molly taught us all that everything is prettier in pink, so make that assignment more pink somehow, either literally or metaphorically.

Storytelling Through Pictures, Remix Assignment

I chose a Design assignment from the bank to do for a remix assignment. The original assignment was to just tell a story through pictures, but the remix was to do it for a Dr. Seuss character or story. It is worth 3 1/2 stars.

“Introduce a Dr Seuss inspired character into an assignment. Or recast the dialogue with Seuss-like language. Add a wocket in your pocket! ‘I’m Yertle the Turtle! Oh, marvelous me! For I am the ruler of all that I see!'”


A Changing Character

For this assignment was worth 4 1/2 stars in the Mashup assignment bank. I am a huge Supernatural fan and chose to focus on Sam Winchester. I used a photo from each major season and made a slide show using IMoive. The song I used is Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas because it is used for every season finale and I cant listen to the song without relating it to the show.

Mashing Friends And Emojis

This was a very fun assignment to do! This assignment was worth 3 1/2 stars in the Mashup Assignment bank. I had to do a mashup of an emoji with a picture of my friend. I first chose an emoji to use and then found one of my friends that I felt could closely resemble it. I used a photo editor to place the two photos together in a collage and then uploaded it onto flickr.


Week 11 Summary

I begun the week by starting video assignments and looking through the assignment bank. I did four assignments of video assignments this week. I did Signing Words which was four and a half stars. Then I did Saving-Junk-to-Save-the-Earth, this assignment was four stars. The Mini Documentary was 4 stars and I chose to do Sweeney Todd. Those three assignments were all related to my host character and explained on the blog pages. The last assignment I did was the Moving Object assignment which was three stars.

I also did three daily creates this week. I took a selfie using a different filter, wrote a 6 line poem about the meaning of life, and drew a picture of my host character for my last one.

I also did 10 comments on classmates work this week.

Links to my work: