Week 1 Summary

I was surprised to find that embedding media into the storytelling was easier than planned! Creating the accounts and registering my blog, on the other hand, stressed me out and seemed to go on forever! At first I didn’t quite understand why we had to use twitter in this class, but after being on it for a few days and seeing classmate’s and instructor’s tweets it does bring the class to together and makes for easy communication. Making a Flickr account took a little more work and i’m still not entirely sure why we need to upload photos there prior to sharing them on our blog. Originally planning this blog’s theme, I went straight to insane asylums and wanted to covered the horrors that were inflicted on the patients. But shortly after, I realized that I would enjoy this blog so much more if I picked one main story to cover.  Sweeney Todd is my favorite horror story, so of course I picked his chilling and heartbreaking story. Not only does it reveal how one man’s pain can turn to a dire need for revenge, but it also shows the horrors that lie within society. The scene I shared from the 2007 Sweeney Todd movie, starring the amazing Johnny Depp and Helena Bohnam Carter, is such a powerful scene. Although the song seems playful the lyrics are actually very dark. The story was twisted enough when Sweeney was just wanting to murder people who had done him wrong, but in that scene Todd decides to aimlessly kill people while Mrs. Lovett bakes them into meat pies. That scene is where the real horror begins!


Weekly Posts and Assignments: