Moving Object Video Assignment

I had to use Vine to record a object moving by doing single shots. I messed around with it for a while but had some problems actually making it look like it was moving on its own. Next time I hope to be able to spend more time on it and play with another video editor.

Saving Junk To Save The Earth Video Assignment

I decided to do this assignment because my host character, Bridget, didn’t have any money after escaping from the asylum and I’m sure she had to rely on some cool recycling tips to save money. This video assignment was worth three stars in the assignment bank. I used IMovie to record and edit the video and then uploaded it to Vimeo.



Signing Words Video Assignment

This assignment required me to spell out a word in sign language. I chose to relate this assignment to my host character and chose a word that she has been associated with for most of her life. My roommate helped me record the video and taught me some sign language for this assignment. I used IMovie to record and edit the video and uploaded it to Vimeo.

The Video Assignment was worth 4 1/2 stars in the assignment bank.


Character Description Video Assignment

For the Character Description assignment, I chose to focus on Sweeney Todd from the perspective of his daughter Johanna. She was told that her father was a criminal living the rest of his life in Australia. Although she had an opportunity to meet her father, she didn’t know it was him. I focus on how she remembers him from stories and later her experience with him when they finally meet again years later. I used a video editor to combine the scenes in the movie and recorded my voice to overlap the memories.

DIY Product Commercial

For this assignment I worked with Brittany to create a commercial for a DIY product that we put together. We made sure that we were both equally shown in the video as well as contributing ideas. This video assignment is worth 5 stars in the video bank. Brittany used her host character in the video, but I just acted as myself. We used IMovie to record and edit the commercials and then uploaded it to Vimeo with the hashtag #ds106.

What Do You Love? Video Assignment

I made this Video Assignment relate to my host character, Bridget. This assignment is worth 2 1/2 stars in the Video Assignment Bank. I picked things and activities that I imagine her enjoying or doing. After she escaped from the insane asylum everything became a new experience. I combined pictures a song that fit the overall mood to show Bridget’s character. The song that I chose was Bloom by The Paper Kites, their music sounds so innocent and peaceful. I then uploaded the video onto Vimeo and embedded the link into this post.