Video Response, Week 3

Vonnegut’s method

After watching The Shape of Stories, I applied Vonnegut’s method to the short story Last Respects. The two main characters, Tony and Ana, are married and happy, only slightly upset by the fact that they are hiding their love and marriage from the uncle. When Ana is caught in the rain and accused by her Uncle of being in the room above the garage, things take a turn for the worse but doesn’t seem to be too bad. But very soon the reader realizes that the story is only going to head downhill. From Ana’s death, to the Uncles murder, and then when Tony is locked in the mausoleum.

With most of the stories that Vonnegut shared the character’s have a “happily ever after” but none of these stories end above the happiness line. I even had a hard time having this story surface above the line after plummeting when the Uncle first found out about the marriage.


The Original Horror Stories and Somniphobia

I love horror movies but sadly I am a big scaredy-cat. That being said, the older horror stories are totally my favorite to watch. Although the tension may be high  throughout the movies, there is a lack of suspense in the older films that lower the trilling feeling. While that might be good for those that can’t sleep after watching horror, the lack of suspense does take some of the fun out of the older films. Do to the poor animation, which I only describe as “poor” do to the animation in movies today, some of the scenes that are supposed to be the climax of the movie end up simply being laughable. The media assigned this week might not have been the most terrifying but I imagine with the right about of trill and suspense the stories could easily keep me from sleeping!

I personally don’t have any phobias like Pediophobia, the fear of dolls, but I definitely don’t want my future children bringing home “Talking Tina” dolls. One phobia that I found particularly interesting is Somniphobia, which is the fear of sleep. Most phobias can be about completely random things that a person can learn to stay away from but I can’t imagine how a person would ever be able to function and have this phobia. On Youtube I found a dance group that has choreographed dances based on certain phobias, check out this video for Somniphobia.