Asylum Murder Mystery

The past two weeks my group has been planning, recording, and editing a murder mystery story including all three of our host characters. We used IMovie, Movie Maker and audacity to record and add the clips together.

The hardest part for me was planning the actual story because our characters has such different stories. After a few planning meetings we got the story planned and started to work on recording videos for each scene. We incorporated different methods of story telling in the video like design, audio, video, and images.

Daily Create Ideas

I have been trying to think of some cool ideas for daily creates and I know my favorite ones are the assignments that have to do with pictures and gets the class thinking about daily routines or objects in a new way.


  1. Describe your daily routine in four pictures, then make a collage and post it on twitter.
  2. Draw a background to this picture of a stick figure that will explain his sadness.


3.  Create a logo for your host character.

Video Essay

This project gave me the most stress this week. I was just worried about the overall assignment, not exactly sure why. I have never done a video essay before but the idea seemed really cool and examples on other blogs definitely helped!

I wasn’t sure what movie to pick, but decided on The Shinning because of of all the creative and subtle ways that the director portrays the story.


Radio Show Reflection

On Monday I listened to the Horrible Hosts and the Corpus Metus Radio Shows. I thought it was very creative to do movie reviews and discuss the techniques that made the films into horror movies. I could relate to some of the movies being reviewed and definitely have some new movies to add to my Netflix list. The voices used for the host characters were very creative and displayed the personalities of the characters well.

I found the stories shared for the second show, Corpus Metus, to be very terrifying. For someone that is scared of dolls like me this is a story you typically stay away from. The whole scratches on the girl’s arm was very scary. All of the voices kept the overall mood of the show and contributed to spooky show.

Week 8 Summary

This week we all started recording and planning out our individual stories on our own. At first I was very worries about dividing time and timing my story to fit my slot. I think the most difficult part of the radio show was the planning aspect, it was very stressful having so many different things that need to fit together so smoothly. The group was communicating over google doc and email to compare stories and commercials. After everyone was done recording we met again to attach all of the short stories, bumpers, and commercials.

This week we had to do three daily creates and post them onto twitter. I made a blog post with the embedded link from the three tweets that were written this week.

I repeated the assignment from last week were we had do comment on 10 posts made by other classmates. This kept be up to date on what other groups were doing for their radio show and assignments and also gave me ideas for daily create ideas.



Blog Post Links:

Radio Show Progress

I’ve been pretty worried about being able to put together all of the pieces of the radio show together but working on small sections everyday helps to split up the work load. Individually, the group members recorded their own bumper, commercial, and story which included their host character.

For the commercial, I recorded myself advertising the meat pies made by Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd. I wrote a short script that would sound like something that would be commonly used on television.

Using audacity I recorded sounds and audio to create a creepy mood and story. For the actual short story for my section of the radio show I chose to record audio that brought the thoughts and feelings of my host character and the experiences she had at being in an asylum.


Radio Show Logo, Design Assignment

I created two different radio show logos just for fun. I wasn’t sure what the initial feeling we wanted to convey through the logo. After making them, I am leaning towards the blue cracked logo and other members of the group have picked that one as well.

I used a photo editor app to try and create “natural” elements creating a spooky mood. For the blue logo, i messed around with the light and darkness that is faded throughout the logo and thicken the font to stand boldly against the thin cracks. Photo editing is definitely one of my favorite things in the class so creating these logos were a lot of fun!

Radio Show Logo 1

Radio Show Logo 2

Radio Show Progress

This week Gabby, Brittany, and I formed a group to do the DS106 radio show together. At first we weren’t sure how to start the project but collaborated on a google document to compare ideas.

Our radio show name will be The Creepy Chronicles. We are breaking the project into three segments that we will individually take charge of and record. All of the members will be in charge of one five minute radio short story, one commercial, and one radio bumper.

At lunch the other day, the group got together to bounce ideas off each other. We planned our commercials, radio bumpers and have started the script for our stories. Although we will be recording individually, we will probably be meeting again soon to check in with each other’s progress.