Advice for Future DS 106 Students

This class honestly scared me at first. All of the different social media accounts that were made and trying to learn all of the tools were a bit overwhelming but after the first few weeks it becomes second nature.

DO NOT save all of your work for Friday night. You will think that you can get it all done but its soo much easier to pace it out throughout the week. Especially for video week. Video week will kill you just a little bit but plan it out ahead of time and make sure you are using easy software.

I found the following really helpful!

IMoive,  If you have an apple product then you are set! This made it super easy to record and edit videos.

ClipGrab, This made it easy to download clips off of vimeo or youtube and access them on tablets or computers.

Audacity, This is a given but you will use this way more than  you think!

Apps! I found a lot of apps were helpful with photo editing and and design.

REMEMBER. Once you get the hang of all the programs and software the class uses this class will be so fun and you will learn so many cool skills! Also, actually keeping up with a blog and creating new projects every week gave me the motivation to keep up my own social media sites and start being more creative!

Week 13 Summary

This week my group stared planning out our final project. Group members are Brittany Raze, Gabby Christie, and myself. We have planned a story the incorporates all three host characters and makes their stories overlap.

I am planning on representing my host character through journal entries, which would be audio and writing. We are looking into designs that would have the writing scrolling through as I read the text.

As for other parts of the video we are all taking the lead on certain types of digital storytelling and repeating that style for certain characters. We plan to use Video, Writing, Audio, and Design. A large part of our ideas came from projects in the assignment bank and mixing them to fit into the story.

While at first I was a bit nervous about doing this project, after one meeting with my group this week we got so excited to put together our ideas and mash up our character’s stories.

Week 12 Summary

This week was Mashup week and probably my favorite by far. The work load was also much lighter compared to the two weeks of video assignments. We had to do 10 stars of Mashup assignments in the bank, one which related to my host character. I did an Emoji mashup worth 4 1/2 stars for one of the projects. My favorite assignment this week was a character progression slide show, which I focused on the series Supernatural and this was worth 3 1/2 stars. My last mashup assignment was the Color of the Day project, I chose to focus on the color blue and show its impact in the day. I used IMoive for all three assignments.

I also did two Remix assignments this week. One taken from a visual assignment and the other a design assignment.

Two daily creates:

I also commented on other classmate’s assignments and provided the links below:



Week 11 Summary

I begun the week by starting video assignments and looking through the assignment bank. I did four assignments of video assignments this week. I did Signing Words which was four and a half stars. Then I did Saving-Junk-to-Save-the-Earth, this assignment was four stars. The Mini Documentary was 4 stars and I chose to do Sweeney Todd. Those three assignments were all related to my host character and explained on the blog pages. The last assignment I did was the Moving Object assignment which was three stars.

I also did three daily creates this week. I took a selfie using a different filter, wrote a 6 line poem about the meaning of life, and drew a picture of my host character for my last one.

I also did 10 comments on classmates work this week.

Links to my work:




Week 10 Summary

I really enjoyed video week, I’ll be honest I was a bit nervous when I first read the assignments. I am finding myself analyzing movies and TV shows and judging the ways the directors portray the moods and characters. I started off the week with daily creates that were done on Monday and Tuesday and posted them on twitter as well as in a blog post.

I chose to do the 10 stars of Video Assignments for the optional work this week. So after the daily creates I then started focusing on the video assignments.  I did three assignments, totaling 11 1/2 stars. I made a video called “What do you love?” which was 2 1/2 stars, and Character Description for 4 stars, and then collaborated with Brittany for a commercial assignment worth 5 stars. My host character was used for the two videos I made on my own.

The hardest assignment this week in my opinion was the video essay. Watching the videos posted on for Week 10 really helped but planning the overall project kept me from being able to do the assignment for a few days. I wasn’t quite sure what movie I should pick and struggled with picking powerful scenes, but I looked at a few examples and hopefully mine turned out okay!

In addition to the assignments, I also commented on 10 blog posts made by other students in the class. The links for those comments are posted below.

Links for Week 10:


Week 9 Summary

This week had a lighter work load this week which has very helpful and gave extra time to listen to classmate’s radio show. I started the week off by listening to the Monday night radio show and wrote a reflection of my thoughts on the show.

There were three daily creates do for this week. I did Wednesday through Friday and only had some problems with figuring out Friday’s daily create.

I had 10 stars from the assignment bank to do and collaborated with Gabby Christie. We did one assignment from the visual assignments and two design assignments to incorporate the three host character’s from our radio show with Brittany.

I also did 10 comments of other classmate’s work and provided the links below.

Links to work:


Week 7 Summary

This week the main focus was placed on the radio show and planning out the work that was going to be put into it. I wrote a post about my progress so far with my group and the direction that we were taking with the radio assignment. In addition to this, I also made two logos for the radio show, The Creepy Chronicles.

I had 10 stars of audio assignments to do in order to practice and prepare for next week’s  project. I did the Somebody Call the Police (4 1/2 stars), Roller Coaster Freak (4 stars), and Sounds of My Day assignments (3 stars). Two of these focused on my host character and worked to expand the story and personality of the character that I created.

There was also 10 comments that I needed to post on classmate’s blogs and assignments. This was a lot of fun to look at other’s work more closely. The links for those comments are below.

Links for blog posts:


Weekly Summary, Week 6

Starting off the week, I read The Vignelli Canon and wrote a reflection about the concepts that I learned for the reading and the techniques presented in the work. I talked about my previous knowledge on design techniques and then addition information that I hadn’t given much thought to.

The DesignBlitz was one of the more helpful assignments. It helped to find design elements all over the community and campus. I started taken as many pictures as I could from classes and shopping trips to target. I picked the best pictures and design features and chose those four to use for the assignment challenge.

The daily creates for this week were some of my favorite that we have had. I did Monday through Wednesday. I also really enjoyed the design assignments from the assignment bank. I did 13 1/2 stars for this week.

The last assignment, Love at First Shot, was interesting. At first I wasn’t sure which direction I would take it, but after looking at pictures and playing around with story ideas it turned out not to be so difficult.

Here are my links for Week 6:

Week 4 Summary

This week I had mainly visual assignments. I had to think about the visuals of storytelling and what elements are effective. I read Becoming a Better, The Story Behind. . . Migrant Mother Photographer ,and watched Storytelling & Visual Literacy. I focused in on the video and the different attention grabbing ways of capturing photos.

For my cinematography refection I watched The Shining. I had seen the movie multiple time but never analyzed it and looked for the features that made it the creepy and trilling movie that it is. I talked about the ways in which the music set the tone and the lighting made the tone differ from scene to scene. I also talked about the emotions conveyed in the film by the different elements in storytelling.

I used a photo from this summer as my Paranormal photo to share and told a story about the time I was house sitting and was convinced I wouldn’t survive the night.

I did 12 stars worth of visual assignments from the assignment bank. I made a collage of my pets with some of my favorite pictures of them. For the second I edited a picture of me where I look upset and made it look like a birthday party. I also did a photo and description of things that can be found inside my purse. For the last assignment, I did a ten-step photo challenge where I took a photo for every step I took.

The photoblitz photo challenge was one of my favorite assignments. I was getting all excited like I was on a scavenger hunt running around my apartment. 20 minutes seems a lot shorter, so I rushed around and finished in about 10 minutes. I made a slideshow on Haiku Deck to show the pictures that I took in my challenge.

Blog Post Links:

Weekly Summary Week 3

The readings and videos were very interesting to me this week. At first I was a little scared of the writing week because I don’t think of myself as a very creative person, but I found that this week I was already looking for features that added to the creepy elements and tones. I wrote about the emotional responses that all of the reading and videos had and how their endings impacted the story. The Shape of the Story made me notice how all of the horror stories rarely cross over to the happy spectrum of the Vonnegut model.

I thought I would struggle on the Host Character Assignment the most, but I actually really enjoyed it. I chose to add in a character into Sweeney Todd. I added in a woman to the insane asylum where Joanna was staying. I’m pretty excited to to use my host character for future assignments!

I did 8 stars worth of projects from the assignment bank. For the Writing Assignments I chose three activities from the assignment bank. The first was Digital Loss, it talked about a time where I stepped on my computer and was completely terrified to tell my parents. That was worth 4 stars. The second was about my bucket list and describing where I chose the five items. I also included the reading The Lottery into that post. It was worth 2 stars. For my third assignment, that was worth 2 stars, involved my story and memories of freshman move-in day.

The daily creates this week were either published on twitter and on this blog. I did the create that was sending a tweet to another classmate that had some computer problem to cheer her up. I picked to send her a pug picture because dogs can always cheer me up! For another I made a caption of a picture of a crab and dolphin, I picked a sponge-bob quote. The last daily create I did for the week was a tweet about my ocean in which I referenced the creek in my yard where I would spend all my days as a child.

Here are the links to my Week 3 Work: